You may be a small business...

but you sure don't think that way.

Just because you aren't an enterprise size business, doesn't mean you can't play in the big league.  
That's why we created Advantage Anywhere for SMBs.
Advantage Anywhere for SMBs is perfect for the single community (senior living or new home community) or for small businesses (up to 3 logins) on a budget. 
You want the power of Advantage Anywhere and are prepared to DIY your own setup, configuration and self-training using our Subscribe & Go system.
Here's how Subscribe & Go works:
  • You select the industry version of Advantage Anywhere that most closely resembles your business model and create your user logins.
  • You'll get 30 days FREE to take Advantage Anywhere for a spin.  After that, you'll be billed $297 (for up to 3 logins) to your credit card payment.
  • You'll receive emails with your login information and links to "Getting Started" video tutorials.
  • After that, you'll continue to receive emails with great tips and helpful video links to Advantage Academy Administration and How to Tutorials to help you set up, configure and get the most out of your new Advantage Anywhere system.
What if you need more help?  No problem.  You're never on your own.  If you need any help with your setup, customization, marketing, training or anything else, you can always take advantage of our Professional Services for SMBs.  You simply pay for what you need.
So that's're ready to become a small business superhero.
So enough talk!  Let's get started!

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