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Track your critical SaaS metrics.

Congratulations on your SaaS business! 

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You’ve come up with a brilliant SaaS company idea and you’ve raised the funds to make it a reality!


Now you’ve got to find the tools that will help you get your dream to market – easily and stress-free.  But surprisingly, you find out that CRMs don’t work for the SaaS model.


They’re only partial solutions for you.  You need multiple other tools to generate leads, spreadsheets to track metrics unique to SaaS, and an army of IT people to stitch them all together.



If you're using more than one don't have the right one!


Fortunately, you found Advantage Anywhere for SaaS!  It’s a complete marketing plus sales plus follow up plus reporting system that you’ll never outgrow.  And there’s a version tailored specifically for the things that SaaS companies like you care about. 


Advantage Anywhere for SaaS has the metrics you need (like MMR, attrition, and trials) and the mechanism for ask for and engage referrals automatically.  It even has a way for people to subscribe online to your service (Sticky Point Subscription).


Not the least of which, your fun-loving sales team with actually love to use it.  It’s hip, visual, talks to you (and listens) and gives them their own personal Follow Up Assistant.


         Market Like a Pro
         Manage Your Sales Team
         Follow-Up Like a Machine
         Track Like a Whiz



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