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Why Contact Us Pages Don’t Work.

You’ve got a website. It’s probably even a great website. And you spend a ton of money to drive traffic and prospects and suspects to your website. So the natural tendency is to think that by incorporating a contact us page on your website, you will automatically generate tons and tons of leads. Right?

Not so fast.

On first blush, you might think that your job is done once you put up a contact us form. But anyone who is responsible for those leads can tell you that contact us page is do not generate good quality leads.

Why do you think that is? Well, there are several reasons that contact us pages do not generate good sales leads. Here are a few of them.

1. Contact us pages are not inherently designed for sales. Now this might be obvious but contact us pages are for anyone who comes to your website who wishes to contact you – that includes job inquiries, general inquiries, and even the random person looking to sell you something. The point is, they are not exactly high-quality sales leads.

In fact, sales leads are the smallest minority of inquiries from your contact us page. And that may pose a frustrating challenge to your sales team if they have to weed through a lot of non-sales leads in order to find the “needle in the haystack” legitimate lead. Not the best use of their time!

2. Let’s take that one step further. Say that someone is truly a legitimate sales lead and goes to your website and even finds their way to click on your contact us page. Congratulations, your team now has a hot lead!

Now what kind of person does that? It is likely a lead that has already researched you, knows what they want, narrowed down their search and is close to the buying stage. In many ways, that’s a good thing. But the reality is, you don’t just want leads that have practically selected you. You want leads that are much earlier on in the buying journey – when they are still in the curious stage. You want leads who are researching, looking for information, and have not qualified your company in or out. You want the opportunity to broaden your prospect base and attract and engage people who are still doing their research.

Those leads are not filling out contact us pages. Those leads are searching the Internet and going to websites looking for information that is relevant and pertinent to their pains or needs.

3. Contact Us pages are intimidating and there’s no compelling reason to fill them out.

What I mean by that is when you factor in #2, you come to understand that only the most motivated or “ready to buy” Leads will click through on your contact us form.

Why? Because they are intimidating! A somewhat curious person knows that once they click on your contact us page, you will be all over them like white on rice! And their not up for all that.

In addition, there’s no compelling reason to fill out your contact us form. What’s in it for them? What do they get in return (other than the potential of bombardment by a sales person)?

So if contact us pages don’t work, what does?

If you’re familiar with the concept of “funnel marketing“, you know that the idea is to attract and engage people who have any curiosity about the topic or problem that you solve. As they continue to move through your narrowing funnel, you qualify those who express more interest and are ready to engage more closely with you.

One of the best ways that we have developed to attract and engage those prospects is through the use of “sticky points” throughout your website.

These “sticky points” are strategically designed content – articles, videos, white papers, etc - that are intentionally crafted to address the pains and needs of your prospects - specifically the ones that they would be searching for in the “curious stage“. If you have multiple targets - such as senior residents, family members and referral partners- you would have different sticky points with relevant messaging for each of those constituents.

Your offer should be so compelling and valuable that the person happily exchanges their name and email address on a smart landing page for your content.

But that’s just the beginning. While Google or a landing page can tell you how many clicks you got, our Smart Landing Pages take over to drive your marketing funnel- capture their into, notify you, instantly start the process of nurturing that lead (depending on. Who they are and what they clicked through) and tracking your marketing throughout the entire sales buying journey. And all of that happens automatically and instantaneously.

What would having that kind of lead generating machine mean to your business?


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