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Digital marketing is all the rage! You can't turn around without hearing someone talk about how important digital (sometimes referred to as online) marketing is in today's business climate.

And with good reason! 87% of people will check you out online (multiple mediums) before contacting you in person.

69% of senior marketers are currently allocating their digital marketing funds to website content, development and performance optimization. 53% are spending part of their budget on social media community growth and engagement. May 2015

Granted, digital marketing caters to the new way of buying. People want to educate themselves, without pressure, and make their own buying decisions. And online marketing is a non-aggressive way to provide people with interesting and helpful information in a positive, non-threatening manner - all the while developing your reputation as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) and getting your name in front of the right audience.

The reality is, however, that most folks find the concept of digital marketing attractive and know they should be doing it. But they are somewhat intimidated by the idea of tackling it for themselves. It's an often unknown black hole that most people are uncomfortable diving in to.

  1. Don't always "sell". Did you know "personal interest" postings get more "reads" than advertising? It speaks to the human curiosity of people. By providing information, interesting tidbits and personal viewpoints and stories, you will get the attention of your target audience and make yourself memorable.

  2. Design your marketing to be "mobile friendly". With increased use of smartphones and tablets, net US mobile advertising is projected to increase to $28.48 billion in 2015. Google dominates with 35.17% of net US mobile ad revenue share. Facebook is second with 16.68% of net US mobile ad revenue share. March 2015

  3. Give them something to talk about! You don't have to be traditional or even "corporate" to get noticed. In fact, Madonna once said, "It's more important to be memorable, than professional". I'm not suggesting that you get weird, but you should get creative and think outside the box when it comes to your digital marketing. Think about the marketing that has gone viral or taken on a personality of it's own.

  4. What's your goal? It may be that your goal is just to get brand recognition, but that's not the norm for most organizations. What do you want your target prospect to do? Is it to "click through"? Or is it to download something? Decide that before you do any digital marketing, because that drives everything -- what, where and how you do your marketing.

  5. You got them. Now what? Here's where most organizations have problems. They get the leads online, but that's where the process stops. The truth is, that's where the real payoff of digital marketing should begin! Just like you design your marketing around your goal, you want to strategically plan your follow up next steps. You always want a next touch and a reason for your prospects to continue a dialog with you.What road do you want to lead your prospects down, and what incentives are you going to give them to engage with you? Design that path - and then AUTOMATE IT! So regardless of what time, where or how your leads engage with your digital marketing, they will get white-glove treatment and valuable content or information from you!

So, they say the proof's in the pudding. And you are proof that it works. You've just experienced what it's like to be offered valuable content in exchange for your contact information. You'll be happy to know that when you clicked though, you became a "victim" of ALF.

  • We were notified that you clicked through

  • You were processed into our system (including what you clicked on and any additional notes you told us)

  • You are instantly the recipient of our follow up system -- that included an instant, personal email and an ongoing series of next touches.

We can now:

  • Track you through our sales process (if you choose to continue in it),

  • Log your continued activities

  • Continue communication

  • And - as a bonus - track the ROI effectiveness of all of our online marketing efforts.

And all you did was click through!

We call this ALF - Automated Lead Follow Up. It's powered by the Advantage system's proprietary Sticky Points, TaskoMatics and Predictive Follow Up.

If you'd like to use this same powerful strategy to generate your leads and automate your follow up, contact us today!

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