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My daughter, Alexandra, plays and loves Little League softball. Last season, as a 9 year old in the last inning of the final game of the playoffs for the Championship, she stole home and scored the winning run! I thought her teammates were going to literally crush her in their excitement!

What does this have to do with marketing and sales? Nothing, actually…I just wanted to brag. Seriously, did you know that there is a 3 strike similarity between Internet shopping and softball? A recent study of Internet shoppers found that for every click (after the “Buy” button) that you require an internet buyer to make, you lose 30% of your buyers!

So by the 4th click, you have only 10% of your original buyers left!

Amazing, huh?

While you might not be asking your communities’ website visitors to “buy” online, how many clicks does it take for a visitor to “get to” the community they are interested in and requesting “more information”?

Take a minute and count those clicks. It might surprise you! And if the statistics hold, you will lose 30% of your potential leads with every click. Sometime in the near future, we’ll take a look at the impact of your choice of words to influence potential leads to click through.

Perhaps you want to rethink your website navigation and ease of accessing you. Or maybe you want to put some thought into what happens to those leads when they click through. Next time we’ll discuss some equally shocking statistics about that, too.

“See you” next time! Mona

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