Your business needs marketing

Your business needs marketing. Gone are the days of hanging out a sign and greeting them at the door.  It is a new age and today it's your marketing that will determine your sales and in turn, determine your success.  Even if you have the best product or service, you must still get the word out. 

Today social media is the most cost-effective way to market your business directly to your target market and their family.  A way to generate leads and drive business to your door.


Are you in the social media business? 

Hopefully, you didn't say no.  These days ALL businesses are in the social media business.  Maybe your current social media presence is an afterthought or is random and occurs only when you have time to post.  You need a social marketing strategy to help generate engagement, create an online presence and get noticed. You know it's important but who has the time to learn it all? That's where we can help.

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What does your social presence say about you?

In today's market place most people start their search online.  That means they'll check you out online first before contacting you or engaging with your team. Your social media and website are the very first impression.  What do your social sites say about you and your company?

Social media post ideas to promote your business:


Events, open house, webinars

New resident welcome

New client announcement

Promo videos




Testimonial Tuesday

Client spotlight

Lead capture sticky points

Client posts

Photo Friday (photo of the week)



Real estate/Rentals/Apartment/Senior Living:

Open house

New listings

Recent closings

Available rooms/apartments

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