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Genesis Global Technologies, the authors of Advantage Anywhere, is headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida. Genesis Global Technologies was birthed in 1994 and has broken barriers to develop cutting-edge technologies in the area of sales, marketing and follow-up automation with Advantage Anywhere.


Pushing the envelope of technology


AdvantageAnywhere is the ingenious cloud-based marketing and follow-up automation system for any business, for both large and small businesses, whether a solo-preneur or an international company, Advantage Anywhere is the only one featuring all-inclusive marketing, sales tracking, stay in contact with follow up system with real business intelligence.


Advantage Anywhere is now delighted to introduce ABBI - the world's first VOICE ACTIVATED sales and marketing assistant!

Whatever you do, don't tell us it "can't be done"!




We create simple and ingenious sales, marketing and follow up automation solutions - now VOICE ACTIVATED - driven by technology



You are our inspiration


We are always working with clients to help them generate sales leads and automate the process to turn them into clients and residents efficiently, automatically and flawlessly.


We are genuinely passionate about your success. You are our inspiration.  When you succeed, we are fulfilled.  When we work with a client on a project and they get record-busting response rates, we get as excited as they do! When they need to brainstorm a solution, they call us.


Your business challenges today become our solutions tomorrow


We are truly passionate about your sales success.  If you walked into our office, you'd hear discussions about how we can solve client problems, make them more efficient, and help them love what they do.  It's all about you, every waking minute.


You might as well take advantage of us


Let us help you be successful in your sales and marketing.  Contact us today!


(Truly) Committed to your Success!


The Advantage Anywhere team






9681 Gladiolus Dr. #211, Fort Myers, FL 33908

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