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Help your clients succeed.  Get rewarded.

Imagine how good you’ll feel knowing that you’ve helped your clients become organized, automate follow up processes and have full visibility into the critical metrics they need to grow and make informed decisions – all while giving their sales and marketing teams a voice-activated assistant (ABBI) to help them be successful!



Business Advantages:


  • All–inclusive sales and marketing.  3rd party apps are costly, unreliable, time-consuming & add to the chaos.  All-inclusive results in saving you money, time and frustration.

  • Sales teams have “tracks to run on” so they don’t struggle with what to do next, staying efficient and productive. We’ve built proprietary technologies called TaskoMatics and the Follow Up Assistant.  Process automation results in more consistent and tenacious follow up that leads to significantly higher close ratios.

  • And ABBI -  the world’s first voice-activated sales and marketing assistant!  Advantage Anywhere is fun and user-friendly.  ABBI results in very high adoption and better quality notes.



Select a Partnership Program that suits you best


Referral Partner.  Send us a warm introduction to a manager or decision maker that would benefit by using Advantage Anywhere. We then handle the rest. If they become a client, you will receive a one-time Commission Bonus.  It’s that simple.


Reseller Partner.  If you decide you want to dedicate time and resources to build a business around reselling, account management and support of Advantage Anywhere, check out our Reseller Partner program.  You would receive residual income for the first 12 months of the client contract.


Integration Partner -For companies who provide complementary services or systems, this may be for you.  Whether you offer marketing, consulting, sales training or software that would complement Advantage Anywhere, you can add value to your clients and services while adding profit to your bottom line. You would receive residual income for the first 12 months of the client contract.


Download our Partner Program


For more information or questions about the Advantage Partner Program, please contact us at or by calling 239-337-2667.


If your clients are looking for an all in one CRM, marketing tool, sales automation, and management tool for senior living, new home communities, healthcare or business, you can help them implement a tool that will make them successful for a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional CRMs.  Find out more by contacting us at

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