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Need more than             

tool for sales & marketing? 


You have the wrong tool!


Truth is:  You need more than just CRM.
This is the year you will finally reach your productivity goals with Advantage Anywhere – The single all-in-one web lead engagement, CRM, process & follow up automation, email & social marketing, and tracking.  Driven by your voice!

Looking for a better, easier and more comprehensive way to handle your sales and marketing communication? One that covers everything from CRM to website lead engagement, marketing automation, email marketing, and social media posting?


Welcome! You’re exactly where you need to be!


Advantage Anywhere changes the way you manage sales and marketing communications! This is more than an activity tracking tool as it helps marketers track campaigns and sales people manage relationships. For corporate team leaders and managers, Advantage Anywhere serves as a data-driven machine that provides powerful – in real time – helping them make better business decisions.



Integrated Solution


Say "goodbye" to expensive and clunky CRM, HubSpot, Constant Contact, Excel (for tracking & reporting), and ordinary web landing pages! Advantage Anywhere integrates all the below tools in one frictionless platform to manage them all!


  • World's First Voice-Driven Assistant, ABBI

  • Web Based

  • Smart Lead Capture, Engagement and Response Automation

  • Personalized Printing

  • Bulk & Individual Email

  • Marketing Automation

  • Follow Up Next Steps Automation

  • Workflow Automation

  • Interactive Reports and Visual Dashboards

  • Customizable 

  • Integrated Social Media

  • Powerful Event Marketing and Management Module

  • Elegant and Game-like To Use

  • Mobile

  • Industry Modules











Why Advantage Anywhere?



Content marketing, CRM, website engagement, marketing automation, sales follow up automation, email marketing, social media posting, and interactive clickable dashboards & reporting.


Manage Leads Smartly


Advantage Anywhere gives you total visibility into your marketing and sales efforts, so that you can measure impact, identify weaknesses and effectively improve staff performance in real-time.


Anywhere, Anytime


Need updates on the go? Advantage Anywhere’s got you covered! Get full visibility in real-time with the Advantage Anywhere mobile interface.


Improve Client Retention


Capture your customer’s story in the prospect phase and use it to better serve them by sending relevant info across.


"...I love that I can easily access my information in my office, on the road, or at a tradeshow - I know instantly how I met them, status and referrals."

— Kristen - Entrepreneur Online Sales and E-Commerce


"In the last year, I can attribute many customers that order monthly to the fact that I developed a solid follow up relationship that was maintained consistently because of this system."

— Anne Marie, Online Sales


"... easy to use and everything I could possibly need is in one place! We no longer need multiple systems & streamlined by using just this one system."

— Judy, Business Coach



Redefine Your Sales Experience.


Advantage Anywhere leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver a seamless platform that will change the way you sell. Get access to everything you need to transform, accelerate and manage your sales and marketing efforts with the industry’s leading platform.


Kiss CRMs, marketing automation tools and spreadsheets good-bye.  Now you have an Advantage.


Interactive reports, dashboards and data analysis for CRM

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